Marijuana, better known as Igbo or weed is an illicit drug frowned upon by the Nigerian government. Contrarily, it is what celebrities allegedly survive on; while some claims it helps them feel good and inspires them, others attribute the success of their live performances to it.

Despite the high circulation of Marijuana, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) continues to hunt down citizens growing, processing, selling and trafficking it.

Nigerian singer, Augustine Miles Kelechi better known as Tekno took to his Instagram story to reveal the side effect he got for staying off marijuana for a day.

According to the singer, he found it difficult to sleep after he stayed off smoking for twenty-four hours He further revealed that he is working on staying off marijuana for thirty days.

The Mufasa Crooner also said if he can achieve his thirty days challenge, he will decide if he will continue to smoke or not.

Extract from Tekno’s video

“what’s up fellas and females? My first twenty-four hours of not smoking ‘cannabis, marijuana, g&g, week or whatever you decide to call it! Hmmm… It was a little hard to sleep the first night.

This is twenty-four hours we did it. I am about to go another twenty-four hours; I am trying to go thirty days without smoking weed. At the end of these thirty days, I will decide if I want to keep smoking or if I don’t want to smoke anymore but I will come back here to keep you guys updated.

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