Nigerian popular fast-rising comedienne, Ada Jesus awes her social media followers on Instagram as she shows off her natural beauty in a new outfit. She never stops making it a fact that she understands what it takes to get her follower’s attention anytime she shares new pictures.

She took to her social media account on Instagram to share new pictures of herself as she shows off her new outfit. She has a way of gushing over her beauty anytime she shares new pictures as she captions these pictures with an interesting caption saying that she is melanin and she is proud of herself.

Ada Jesus fits perfectly into the category of celebrities who are fashionistas using her fashion styles as a case study for her fellow ladies. Fans pen down their exciting comments about these pictures and you might be interested in seeing what they are saying about them.

What are your thoughts about this lady’s newly posted pictures and do you agree that she is still as attractive as ever?


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