Fans have taken to social media to sympathize with Mercy Aigbe’s sister, Dr Patience, following her breakdown and eventual setting ablaze of her mother’s home.

Dr. Patience burned down her mother’s house as a severe move to get her mother’s attention. Their quarrel stems from Dr. Patience’s assertion that their mother is a witch and her use of her witchcraft activity against her in favor of her other beloved daughter, Mercy.

Locals claim that she has been exhibiting signs of mental instability for a while and believe that her mother is the one holding her back. The children of the deceased man—to whom the old woman was married—are now worried that she would return and further tarnish their father’s property if they don’t take action against Dr. Pat right now.

Residents watched in disbelief as the visibly enraged woman wrecked the car while berating her mother and yelling “destiny stealer” at her.

Reacting to the sad report, a fan of Mercy Aigbe revealed that she was once treated y Dr Patience. The fan, Odunayo Olalere Olajide wrote, “I know this particular dr, she is a gynecologist at gbagada General hospital. She has hearing problem as such she uses hearings heard. Later got to know that she is depressed as she has only a son with no husband. I registered for my Anti natal at gbagada General hospital where she works, she is always shouting and sad, so lots of us don’t go to her for check up. She attended to me at least twice when I was pregnant for my baby. I know her wella”

Revealing she has a son, one Sarah Mag Jackson wrote, “This is mummy jerry she has a son and she has hearing problem she doesnt hear clearly as of 2011 she was living with her mom in this house at antony estate ikeja i swear this lady she is so depressed and fustrated, they should go and check her brains because its not functioning well because the day i meet her i accompany mercy aigbe with former hubby to the house from the airport with her mum came back from uk when her mom entered the house everybody was happy but that lady sat down and was looking she didnt say a word every when mr lanre gentry greeted her she didnt answer on time, i swear she is not mentally balanced, im sure the family knows that she not normal”

One Enoredia Omozee Famakinwa wrote, “This said doctor is also deaf, heard she suddenly grew deaf in her final year in school. Mercy doesn’t support her at all, and most hospital will not want to employ a deaf doctor. Mercy and her mama get for hand”

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