Mike Nwogu better known as Pretty Mike, has gotten tongues wagging yet again for his statement at music executive Don Jazzy’s mother’s funeral.

The socialite has become well-known for his controversial entrance to events. From re-inventing fake bishops to portraying Jesus Christ’s death, and attending an event with ritualists, women dressed as animals and a spiritual entourage, there is no bizarre statement Pretty Mike hasn’t made.

The socialite stormed the event with women wearing penis-pants.

Sharing photos and videos on his Instagram pages, Pretty Mike stated that he was outside doing what he knows best and putting smiles and confusion in people’s minds.

“Out here doing what I do best, Putting smiles and confusion in people’s minds, believe what u want. But we just laid Mummy to final rest in grand style”.

Pretty Mike storms event with fake bishops

Over the years, Pretty Mike has made the epic statement at event one of which was his entrance to an event in August.

The socialite attended an event on Saturday, August 5th, accompanied by men and women dressed as clerics.

Pretty Mike’s entrance was a mimic of the alleged fake clergy members that attended the unveiling of the APC Vice President candidate weeks back.

Sharing videos on his Instagram page, he stated that our fathers chose to believe and accept such lies.

“Our fathers chose to believe and accept their lies. Most of ur father’s were the foundation of Vote selling and ballot box looting, enough of who is to blame….#2023 Let’s be the generation of Lazy Youths that will deliver this nation from Bondage”.

Pretty Mike makes mockery of Christ

Also, Pretty Mike elicited anger from Christians with the mockery of his savoiur Jesus Christ.

The socialite was among the many celebrities at the wedding of comedian and actor Stanley Chibuna better known as Funny Bone which was held on Sunday, June 26th.

As always, Pretty Mike made a grand entrance at the wedding reception and was the cynosure of all events.

However, Pretty Mike’s display didn’t sit well with Christians.

The socialite had entered the wedding venue with a lady dressed like Jesus carrying a cross along with other females, cladded in a bikini, who played the role of the Pharisees and Sadducees beating Jesus.

Sharing the disturbing video on his Instagram page, he avowed that the world would have been better if Jesus had been a woman

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