Nigerian-UK actress and disc jockey (DJ), Docas Shola Fapson has recently slammed people who purchase or wear fake designer brands.

Speaking during a video she shared on social media recently, the DJ who looked irritated, expressed her confusion as to why some people feel it’s okay to put on fake designers in this contemporary times where it could easily be noticed.

She seemed curious and asked those who default in buying originals and going for the fakes instead, if they are not embarassed when they rock those.

The gorgeous DJ felt it was quite unnecessary to put on those fakes because it could be easily recognized by others as fake and make the person look like a complete joke in front of other people.

She even went to the extent to brag that she would rather wear a regular outfit without an original brand tag, than wear fake.

She said, ” I just wanna understand what makes people buy fake anything, like why? Just dey your lane, if you can not buy original, it’s not by force. It’s actually not by force. Like are you not embarrassed? In this day and age, are you not embarrassed?”

“I would rather wear primer head to toe than wear fake because it doesn’t make sense. Who are you trying to impress, who are trying to fool?”

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