Sandra Anthony rose to notoriety after winning the Miss Curvy Naija Beauty Pageant, which also functioned as a modeling competition, in 2015. In this interview with Potpourri, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka alumnus discusses her experiences as a beauty queen and an entrepreneur, as well as the impact of social media. Sandra, what have you been up to lately? I’ve been busy with a few projects. Rebranding in order to pursue a job as a real estate consultant more aggressively.

My real estate business is expanding its horizons. SAC, my firm, now acts as a liaison between developers of desirable properties and end users. We are able to provide this essential information to developers at the building conception stage since we know what our clients want in terms of real estate. As a result, Sandra Anthony Concept has shifted its focus from simply selling land, buildings, and rents to actively participating in the burgeoning real estate market.

For our discerning females, I’ve also expanded into lingerie, loungewear, and other high-end items. Bellisimabysac is a legal entity that specializes in these items. As a former beauty queen, I understand and admire our lovely ladies’ need to look stunning even in bed. A lovely lady should be stunning both inside and out.

What role has social media played in your brand’s promotion?

There’s no denying that utilizing social media effectively may benefit any company. That’s what I’ve found enjoyable. Some people spend hours on the internet monitoring, trolling, and criticizing the lives of others. That is not something I can accomplish right now. I am computer smart, and I am aware of the power and reach of social media, which I have attempted to use throughout the years to promote our business

In light of your experience, what do you enjoy and dislike about social media?

It is a universal truth that everything that has benefits also has drawbacks. There’s an old adage that says there’s no smoke without fire, but I’ve learned that smoke can exist without fire on occasion. Social media deployment can be beneficial or detrimental. And it’s something we’ve seen in the past. With the click of a mouse, certain unscrupulous people can send ‘fake’ and untested tales all across the world.

This occurs frequently, which is why the government may even silence the idea of censorship in the social media sphere. I’ve never been the target of a bad social media campaign, but that doesn’t mean everyone is as blessed as I am. I’ve poured all of my God-given abilities and energy into my businesses to the point where I barely have time to socialize.

What was your life like as a beauty queen?

There are no hiding spots for a goldfish. That’s how my life has gone since I won Miss Curvy 9ja a few years ago. However, I am grateful to God for His goodness and to my family for their love and support. After winning the pageant, I was thrown into the spotlight, and there were things I could do before that I couldn’t do thereafter. I developed a reputation as a result of my actions. However, it had no effect on my core Sandra Anthony. My little group of friends and relatives remained intact. The fact that she won the pageant gave her an advantage. It provided me with a platform from which to display my other God-given skills.

What does the word “beautiful” conjure up in your mind?

Some people believe that beauty is subjective. However, I believe that beauty is something that everyone can appreciate. And, more crucially for me, beauty is unadulterated. The carriage, the confidence and panache All of these qualities contribute to the creation of a lovely individual. Have you seen any of Queen Esther’s characteristics in the Bible? Courage, fidelity, and humility are three virtues that can be found in a person. Beauty, in my opinion, extends beyond physical appearance. It expresses the individual’s essence.

Do you believe plus-size models have a future in the fashion industry?

Plus-size models and curvy queens are sweeping the modeling industry. Words like skinny, thick, and so on are still used today. To do justice to some advertisements, you’ll need some flesh in the correct places. Plus-size models are in hot demand everywhere these days. As a result, many women drink slimming teas and coffee on a regular basis (lol). Simply do whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

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