Busty Nollywood actress and producer Sarraphina Amaechi has stated that her plus sized b00bs are her selling point which also stand her out amongst colleagues.

In recent interview with Saturday Sun, Sarraphina Amaechi, a Public Administration Graduate of Federal Polytechnic, Nekede said, “I am significant and possess certain special characters and qualities that make me stand out in Nollywood. Example is my magnificent boobs. My body and b00bs are 100% natural. I have had a lot of my fans thinking my boobs are not real, but guess I have been able to prove to them that it is ‘follow come’.

Some people even think that I reduced my b00bs but far from that, I only lost weight and it also affected that part of my body. I didn’t do anything to my b00bs. I am even going to add to it. I am definitely going to add more.”

Sarraphina Amaechi who is single and ready to mingle says she’s hopefully to get married soon as she wouldn’t want to end up a baby mama.

Hear her: “I am very single and open to new relationship. I know that very soon I’ll get married to the right man from above. God said to me ‘Sara baby I am sending a very cute man to you. He is going to be loving and caring because I know that you’re such an emotional baby with a sweet heart of gold.’ So, I am waiting upon the Lord to fulfill His promise to me.

I believe actresses can keep a home because they are very sensitive to how they move, act and relate with people, so it helps most stay locked in with their partners. I also wouldn’t want to end up a baby mama, it is not in our culture. We are different.”

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