Actress, Chacha Eke has given a breakdown on signs of mental illness following the death of IVD’s wife, Bimbo who was said to have been mentally ill.

The actress, who has been championing mental health cases, since her own mental breakdown has given her two cents on her death.

While highlighting the traits of mental health patients, Chacha revealed that if Bimbo had sought medical attention, she wouldn’t have set her house on fire.

Chacha indicated that the deceased suffered from mental illness, as her actions stemmed from being mentally unstable.

The mother of four opined that if you have anger issues, feel better ND saddened to the extent that you inflict injuries on others, and are out of touch with reality, then one is battling with mental illness.

In her word:

“If you have anger issues, I am talking temper, the one that wouldn’t go away until you take out your vexation on something or someone else, you have a mental illness.

If you feel bitter and saddened to the extent that you inflict injury on yourself, you have got a mental illness.

If you are out of touch with reality, you have paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions and the mood swings never end, that’s a mental illness.

If you recognize one, two, or more of the traits that I mentioned in yourself and for fear of being stigmatized. You refuse to align with the truth.

You will be doing yourself a great disservice. Mental illness can be inherited or acquired. Intense trauma, poverty, and living a hectic lifestyle can give one mental illness. If you fall under this category please seek medical attention”.

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