Relationship tends t have a way of going south when you have called it quits with someone, and person who might have realized this point is reality star, Angel Smith  after she shared a tweet that reads ” my ex woke up one morning and decided to block me everywhere, bae I thought I was the love of your life? ”

Her tweet sounded like a bitter reaction to finding out so done who once referred to you as the love of their life is blocking you on all of his social media platforms, which is a realization that can be quite sad, as you will be tempted to say what happens to cordial relationship when an affair is over? Can’t the ex just be civil by maintaining a Platonic friendship with her?

In as much as what the ex had done might be surprising, it can mean that the ex is only trying not to see her or her post, as he might be finding it difficult to get over her, and him staying in the know of her social media posts might be making it difficult to get past her.

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