Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, who is fondly referred to as Nicki Minaj is a professional songwriter, singer, fashion enthusiast, and entrepreneur. However, a couple of minutes ago, the Trinidadian-born rapper took to her official Instagram page to share some new pictures with her fans by revealing her expertly applied makeup and her stunning attractiveness that has gotten the attention of her fans including some celebrities following her page.

There is no doubt that Nicki Minaj loves to entertain her fans with her glitz look, and this time, by posting in a stunning costume. When her followers came across her post, they were overjoyed and they took to her comment box to share a positive remark about her beautiful and smart she looks in the outfit.

Below is the perfect thumbnail for the post;

However, sharing the post, Nicki Minaj gave it this caption, “And as she heard the whispers…Chunderella snickered. The ugly/evil step sisters had EVERY RIGHT to bicker (through their blisters!) After all, deep down inside…they knew…they’d never fit the glass slippers.

The END”

Below are more pictures from Nicki Minaj’s new post.

As expected, American model, Naomi Campbell, Nigerian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, and others shared reacted to her new post by sharing their opinions.

What is your take on this?

Source: @nickiminaj official Instagram page

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