Angel Smith is a lady that talks with so much wisdom whenever she makes a post on her social media platforms, tbe reality star in a new post shared a tweet that reads ” It’s not how many people you have around you that matters; it’s the quality of people you have around you; because if things hits the fan, are all those people gonna be there? ”

Her question is simply a legit one that seek to find out from a person who do you think have your back, especially when things go wrong? Are those within your circle whom you think will hold things down for you going to be there, or would simply scamper? As a person this sort of question has no definite answer until things actually goes wrong with you.

As a person we can never know those around us enough, as every man tends to take to their heels when trouble arrives, hence it might be necessary for us to know those who will stand strongly by outside in case of trouble and take them to be our strong ally, or close friends.

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