Popular Yoruba movie actress, Mo-Bewa, has used her latest Instagram post to explain how men who are generous by nature love to treat women. She made this known on her Instagram story, where she also revealed that generous men and not rich men, are the type of men who provide for women even without being asked for it.

She made it known that until a lady finally dates a generous man, that is when she will realize that they do not wait to be asked before they provide for women because they already know what women love. She disclosed that such men find joy in giving to women because they take initiative, know their favorites, and usually order for them.

In the statement she wrote on her Instagram story, she said, “Until you date a generous man, I didn’t say a rich man, you will understand that men love to provide for their women.” They don’t wait to be asked. They genuinely find joy in doing it. “They take initiative; they know your favorites and will order them.”

Mo-Bewa has established herself as a popular figure in the Yoruba movie industry, thanks to her talent and versatility in movies, which have helped her become a household name among Yoruba movie lovers in Nigeria.

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