Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has tendered a hilarious apology to a tweep who vowed to buy Nollywood movie industry and shut it down once he becomes rich.

The tweep identified as Avalon Okpe took to Twitter to lament about a Nollywood movie he watched where one of the actors died with dreadlocks and his spirit appeared on lowhcut in another scene.

Okpe asked it there is a barbing saloon in the spirit world. He further vowed to buy Nollywood and shut it down.

Okpe tweeted: If I get Money Ehn!!I will just buy Nollywood and then i will Close it.How can sombody die with Dreadlocks and the spirit will appear with Low-cut.Does it mean there’s barbing saloon in the land of the spirits???

Anita Joseph wrote: He was my Boyfriend before he became my Husband. My husband never makes any Decision without Asking me 1st. He needs my Opinion in everything “And trust me it works perfectly” I do same I can’t do a thing without telling my hubby …These are one of the lil secrets to a successful marriage “Spritual connection between you and your patner is very Important”… For my sisters praying for a husband “Have you prepared yourselves?Yours will be easy in JESUS Name Amen. Shallom Shallom Shallom”.

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