Popular Nigerian cross-dresser, James Brown, has appeared in an interview conducted by actress Susan Pwajok where he revealed the impact his previous s€xtape saga has had on his life. He disclosed that the situation broke his life at that point, and people dragged him for it. He made it known that some people told him that they were disappointed in him because of the leaked tape.

He warned people not to live through him because he is not Jesus Christ and does not portray himself as a clean person, according to him. He expressed his shock as to why people would say they were disappointed in him, and she wondered why people who had not sponsored him to school or had any impact on his life would be disappointed in him for the leaked tape.

In the statement he made in the video, he said, “The leaked tape broke my life because people dragged me and said they were disappointed in me.” People should not live through me because I’m not Jesus Christ, and I’m not saying I’m a clean person. “People said they were disappointed in me, but I wondered why they were disappointed because they didn’t pay my school fees and they have no impact on my life.”

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His latest interview has unraveled things that some of his fans were not aware of before, and he has also been able to reveal the impact of the leaked tape on his life when it occurred.

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