The love story of Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko is such that usually generates lots of buzz due to the age difference between them, but the beautiful actress despite this has often shown much love and adoration to her husband, which is such a thrill for many of their fans to see. Regina Daniels in a new post showed much support to her husband’s campaign as she wore a cap bearing his name, while posing on stage.

It is always a good gesture to see such type of display coming from the beautiful actress, as it show she has nothing but utmost love for her husband, and her showing him such type of support only shows that she likes any other wife wants what is best for her husband, and will often show she has his best interest at heart with such support.

Nothing beats the look of happiness on the face of Regina Daniels, as it shows that she is enjoying the campaign, and with all indication, she is going to be standing string to see her husband emerge victorious at the polls.

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