Popular Nollywood actress, Shaffy Bello has used her revealed her intention about relationship in a new video. She made this known in a video where she disclosed that even though she is 55 years old, she still wants to be with a man.

She stated that she is interested in being with a man who is going to be her companion, saying that she is not looking to remarry. She made it known that she is 55 years old and not looking to throw a birthday party and come back to stay alone, saying that she needs someone to be her companion.

In the statement she made in the video, she said, “Even though I’m 55 years old, I still want to be with a man, but no marriage.” I’m 55 years old already, and I’m not looking to throw a birthday party and come back home to stay alone. “I just need someone to be a companion, but I’m not looking to get married.”

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The actress has established herself as well-known in the Nollywood movie industry, thanks to her talent and the roles she plays in movies, which have helped her achieve more fame in recent times.

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