Big Brother Naija ‘Lockdown’ housemate, Ka3na Jones has shared her thoughts about what it truly means to make money.

Taking to her Instagram story the mother of one who trended for faking for secomd pregnancy and child birth said she makes fun of people who do everything to show the world that they work hard.

Ka3na noted that making money does not correlate to hard work while noting that people who work smart are the real deal.

She wrote: ” I laugh when I see people trying so much to show they WORK HARD! Making money has nothing to do with hard work. SMART working people are the millionaires and billionaires. Look around you… When you work too hard, you end up straining your mental capacity to be creative”.

Ka3na reveals why people fail in life

Ka3na Jones revealed some secrets about why people fail in life.

In a post shared on the microblogging platform Twitter, Ka3na averred that life is the most challenging exam. However, many people fail because they try to copy others without realising that everyone has a different question paper.

Speaking further, Ka3na advices that people should stop looking at others and start solving their own puzzles.

She wrote: “Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others not realising everyone has a different question paper… Stop looking and start solving your puzzles”.

Netizens slam Ka3na Jones over fake pregnancy and childbirth post

Netiznes slammed Ka3na over her pregnancy stunt.

A few weeks back, the reality star had taken many by surprise after she announced she was expecting her second child.

Ka3na who fondly refers to herself as ‘The Boss Lady’ took to her Instagram page to unveil her baby bump in a photoshoot with her first child, Lila.

The reality TV star while addressing the unborn baby noted that they had carried the news for too long in their hearts. However, they have grown restless to show off to the world.

In an update to it, the divorcee had announced on her Instagram story that she had welcomed her baby in the UK.

Sharing a photo of her in her maternity gown, Ka3na revealed that she had given birth to a bouncing baby. The mother of two, however, didn’t reveal the sex of her child.

In a twist of turn, Ka3na revealed minutes ago that she wasn’t pregnant, The reality star had successfully pulled off a pregnancy stunt to create publicity for her new business.

Ka3na announced via her Instagram page that she is currently working on a project with her daughter. According to her, the brand was conceived and birthed on the love and inseparable bind between her and her super talented daughter, who doubles as her bff.

Following her fake pregnancy, Ka3na hailed herself for being the best in premium content.

Some for her fans who weren’t pleased with it took to her comment section to lambast her.

One Layo wrote, “And that’s how I unfollowed you on all your platforms…this was unnecessary

One Agnes Omobolanle wrote, “Is this suppose to be funny

One Azuki James wrote, “This level of clout chasing is disgusting

One Kaycee Blinks wrote, “E be like day this one don dey cr@ze

One Bertha Korah wrote, “King of clout

One Linda Dadson wrote, “This level of cr@ziness deserves it’s own reality show

One Goddess of Cruse wrote, “Madam rest in Jesus name

One Ojomuyide Foluke wrote, “Why u dey whine us now Shey na cloth u born ni”.



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