Alex Ekubo is one Nollywood star that has entertained Nigerians with her his movies, the handsome a tie in a new post shared some quotes that will easily put anyone at ease, as his text is centered on how things are often quick to change, as no emotion or feeling is permanent.

The actor in his tweet had stated that ” we must always remember how quickly things can change for the better. Nothing is final. Even your current emotions or situations that seem so real are only momentary. It will pass. Everything will get so clear. Stay spiritually and mentally strong. Brighter days are coming. ” He shared in a tweet that seems to capture a lot of emotions, and feelings.

The actor with his message definitely is one person that must have his fan’s attention at heart, and from the information made on his post one can just say that he definitely knows how to massage someone’s feeling, which is all shown in the text he shared as a tweet for his followers to understand that certain situations are only temporary.


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