Popular Nigerian – American dancer, Korra Obidi, celebrates her second daughter, Athena Dean on her first birthday.

Taking to her Instagram page, Korra who has been prohibited by the court from sharing her visuals of their children on social media shares a picture of herself when she was pregnant with Athena to celebrate her.

Recalling the divorce crisis she went through with her ex-husband Justin Dean, around the time she birthed Athena, she lauded her for giving her the strength to fight and got inspiration through her smile.

She wrote: “As your day arrives Athena, My heart keeps time like a meter, I can’t help but sit back and remember, The events that plagued the time you did enter, You brought me wisdom to fight the war, Was weak but your smile inspired for more, Your lips sucked my aching bosoms, Like a rose, your gentle soul slowly blossoms, My foodie with a little heart so Jolly, Kamsiyochukwu, as per grandpa’s calling, My treasure, my laughter, my girl born in Cali, Athena nwa mama, my one and only. Till death I will forever be grateful For the strength that you gave me, a truck full, Like a panda you are mixed biracial, That ying and yang so incredible”.

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