Regina Daniels is a beautiful actress that started her journey I to the movie world as a child actress, before getting married to a billionaire. The beautiful mother of one who has now achieved a high social status in life by virtue of a fledging career and being married to a billionaire stated in a new post on Instagram that ” she was created to live the soft life, and she wasn’t built for stress. ”

The beautiful s tress who came to this conclusion is only stating the fact, as she has a very good career as an actress and commands good pay for playing various roles in movies, she still has a thriving investment in her fashion business, which she is building, and if you add that to the fortunes if her husband, definitely she can say she was built to have that soft life.

Her revelation is only the reality that surrounds her, as she had become a successful actress even as a teenager and was earning good pay for playing different roles which of course had set her up to life a luxurious life, before her marriage to a billionaire businessman cemented her status to life a very soft life and becoming a baby girl for life. That notwithstanding she is now a fashion brand owner, which means she has nothing to worry about as she is good for life, if you look at her set up.

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