Nigerian actress and comedy skits maker, Amarachi Amusi popularly known on social media as Ashmusy took to social media to share a question she was asked by her fan on Instagram during question and answer session with her followers.

Apparently, the fan must have wondered countless times how the gorgeous actress became so famous and rich just within the short space of time after she came into limelight. The fan enquired of Amarachi Amusi to know how she became so rich and famous when he/she has been in the industry for a very long time and nothing seems to be moving.

While responding to the question, Amarachi Amusi after making a hilarious statement, said that it has been God all the way. The actress further submitted that, her success and fame must have come as a result of hard work.

Recall that Amarachi Amusi is an award winning brand influencer and a Nigerian actress who has featured in several movies

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