Don Jazzy, a well-known Nigerian singer, claims that Indians have rejected Rema’s request to return to Nigeria.

This happens shortly after Rema was seen in a video displaying his command of the Hindu language.

Rema has stayed in India for longer than he anticipated since he is having a good time. He has also demonstrated a lack of stammer when repeating Hindu language.

Rema’s ability to repeat phrases uttered to him in Hindu without stuttering as seen in the video clip posted by Tunde Ednut astounded the host and a large audience.

Rema began speaking Hindu while displaying his traditional Indian hand and head motions, which enthralled the audience.

Mavins crew CEO, Don Jazzy reacted to the video, stating that the Indians are enjoying Rema so much and he has not been allowed to return to Nigeria.

“I swear dem no gree am come back o lol,” he said.

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