Simi Kosoko, also known as Simi, is a well-known and highly regarded Afrobeats artist. As a result of her spouse Adekunle Gold’s rude gesture towards her, Simi has playfully criticized men.

Simi revealed how, ever after becoming a mother, she has transformed into a builder, buying items that no one requested her to buy and then constructing them. The mother of one shared this humorous video on her verified TikTok account.

However, she stated that this time, her husband, Adekunle Gold nicknamed AG Baby, purchased the stand and instructed her to install it, and as a result, Simi vented while putting the rack together.

Humorously fuming she avowed that ‘Men Are Scum’.

The video captured the moment Adekunle Gold also walked in on her erecting the stand but he only encouraged her and didn’t help or join her in the process. This pissed Simi off making her boldly reiterate her statement about men being scum.

I repeat, Men are Scum,” she said.

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