Many people were taken aback by Ghanian actress Yvonne Nelson’s shocking admission of having an affair with rapper Sarkodie.

Nelson discussed her own experience dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and the tough choice she had to make at the time in a chapter titled “A Difficult Decision.”

Nelson encountered a complicated scenario involving a rapper during this stage, during which she thought back on the emotional pain she had gone through when he refused to accept responsibility for the pregnancy.

She said that Sarkodie made the decision, which she subsequently acknowledged she regrets, because he refused to be responsible for her child because he had another girlfriend.

Yvonne also discussed the huge impact this event had on her and the courage it gave her to decide what was best for her and her situation.

“I had gone for a pregnancy test to confirm what becomes the most obvious conclusion for a sexually active young woman who misses her monthly flow. I was in the company of Karen. And when the test result was ready, I wasn’t strong enough to open it. She did and declared the verdict.

“Charlie, it dey there!” she exclaimed.

Yvonne Nelson makes shocking revealation in her memoir

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