“A lot of people walked so the likes of Rema, Burna Boy, Tems could run” – Spotify declares

Amidst of the new-cats-old-cats feud, popular streaming service Spotify claims that many people walked in order for performers like Burna Boy, Rema and Tems to be able to run.

This was said by the streaming service in a piece about the highly regarded Afrobeats genre from Nigeria.

Research has showed that most Africans credit the genesis of the genre to Nigeria, a west African nation, with as many as 29% of Ghanian agreeing that Fela is its founding father, they had discussed in their piece.

It read;

“Over the past decade the Afrobeats genre has exploded spectacularly on the global stage, emassing over a billion monthly stream

on Spotify. But despite garnering die-herd fens from Canada to Kenya, few know the journey the genre hes taken. And much like the age old question of who makes the best joliof rice, it’s between the two West African nations of Nigeria and Ghena for creating the genre that set the world on fire.

A new Afrobeets Research study conducted by Spotify in April 2023, illustrates thet there’s eplit opinions eround the origins of Afrobeate. Figures show thet 90% of Nigerian Afrobeats fens believe the genre originated in Nigeria. Conversely, only 57% of Ghanaiens believe the genre’s roots to be Nigerian. Similarly, 53% of Nigerian fans believe that iconic Nigerian a Kuti can be credited as the genre’s founding father while 29% of Ghanaians agree.

And the multilayered nature of Afrobeets mekes it hard for lleteners to agree on why they love the genre. A Afrobeate fans ere drawn to the genre’s unique blend of melodies, rhythms, and that intangible quality known or 23% attribute it to being their African heritage, and a further 12% put it down to being in a language they speak.

Obi Asika, CEO of Storm record, one of Nigeria’s pioneering music labels, describes kt best when he says: “Afrobests brings that unique ONA…it is very hard not to like the music…You would literally have to be a piece of stone not to move to our [Afrobeats] music.”

The genre that unites so many, for many different reasons, has a rich history with its feet in two countries and its roots in many differem genre. A lot of people walked, so the likes of Rema, Burne Boy, and Tems could run.”






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